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                                                                            Boy met girl, and now this happened. 

                                                                            Boy met girl, and now this happened. 

Girl and friend went out on the town. 

Friend knew boy. Says hello. 

Friend introduces boy to girl. 

Girl said, "nice Tevas."

Boy said, clearly offended, "not Tevas…Chacos."

Girl searches in mind…Chacos? Or did he say tacos?

Cab was there.

She left.

He said "don't go."

She left anyway.

He tracked her down and sent her a message. 

Told her she was gorgeous (everyone likes flattery).

He asked her out, and said he was leaving town in 12 days.

She said yes, although he was leaving town in 12 days. He was REALLY cute. 

He made her laugh.

And he majorly impressed with his rap skills and moves on the dance floor. 

They liked each other. 

They dated.

He bought the girl a ticket to Colorado.

She came.

They hiked and camped.

In a tent, not the Hilton. Yes, she slept in a tent. 

A real tent with fabric walls in the mountains under the stars.

He didn't want her to go.

She left anyway. (She had to teach 4th grade). 

He said please come again...

She came back…a week later.

A love story was beginning.  


He lived in Estes Park.

She lived in Milwaukee.

He fixed hearts.

She filled minds.

And...they fell in love!


Boy bought a ring. Boy's mom and sister made sure it sparkled.

Boy took girl on a spring break to Cabo.

He got romantic on one knee at sunset.

She said yes. 


Girl ordered a white dress.

Boy ordered a black tux.

Now you're involved. 


Parents ordered food and drink and music and more food and drink.

And more music - a band!

So now they can dance, and laugh, and celebrate.

They invite you to come too.

Please come,

And dance,

And laugh,

And celebrate the boy having met the girl,

And life and love. 


abby + john