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The Hyatt Place

333 West Washington Avenue

Madison, Wisconsin, 53703


The Hyatt Place is conveniently situated two blocks from Grace Episcopal Church, and less than one mile from the reception venue. The hotel has comfortable room amenities, a pool, breakfast options, as well as a shuttle service that can potentially haul you to and from the reception! Rooms run at around $109 per night. For more information, click here!


Hampton Inn & Suites

440 West Johnson Street

Madison, Wisconsin, 53703


You can find the Hampton Inn & Suites midway between the church and reception venues, meaning you're in a good spot! This hotel also has a pool, as well as complimentary beverage and breakfast services, along with a few other amenities that are sure to make your stay exceedingly pleasant. Room costs are approximately $139 per night. If you'd like to know more, try here!

Other Lodging Options 

For families or groups traveling together who would like a slightly larger lodging accommodation, there are some additional options in the Madison area. 

Hotel Red  * please note, we do not have a wedding block reserved here, but it is a good option. 

1501 Monroe Street 

Madison, WI 53711


Hotel Red is a boutique hotel located in downtown Madison. All rooms in this hotel are equipped with king sized beds and kitchenette, with refrigerator, microwave, two-burner stove top and wet-bar sink. There are one and two bedroom suites available for rent, which may be a great option for larger groups.  This hotel is a bit further in location from the church and hotel venues so may not be as walkable, but it does have a shuttle that may be available and as always, there are numerous cab companies available to get you to your destination! 


AirBnb and VRBO

Increasingly popular, these services match you up with vacation rentals, homes, and apartments available for rent from local hosts and homeowners. There are numerous places for rent within the Madison area that would be great options for places to stay. While there are some downtown spots, many are beyond a walkable area, however, so please keep that in mind while renting. It may be a good idea to map the location in terms of distance to the church or reception venue (addresses are located on The Big Day page). Cab services, rental cars, or your own vehicle would likely be necessary for transportation from many of these venues, but they are a great option if you are looking to have a little more space!





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